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DeGraffenried Purchasing International
FFE Spec Application

FFE Spec writer is an online based application for writing product specifications. Easy to use, friendly user interface, available on contract or full service provided by DPI. Click below for more information, or to sample the application.

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DeGraffenried Purchasing International (DPI) was created in 2010 by Penny DeGraffenried after 15 years as director of Projects for a large French turn-key furniture and millwork manufacturer and 11 years managing the European office of one of the industry's leading procurement companies. With over 26 years experience in the Hospitality sector in supply as well as procurement, the new venture is ideally positioned to create significant advantages for its' clients.

DPI works as a consultant on a fixed-fee basis. Fees are calculated based on the scope of work and duration of the project. DPI works directly with manufacturers whenever possible but operates independently from any supplier or manufacturer and has no financial interest, ownership or direct affiliation with any of the manufacturers or suppliers proposed. All transactions are on an open-book basis and are available for review by the client at any stage of the process. All rebates and/or discounts are for the benefit of the client. All project information, including vendor names and contacts, is provided to the client as part DPI'S scope of work. Any manufacturer or supplier proposed by the owner or operator will be included in the bid process if requested.

DPI is familiar with the requirements and standards of international operators such as Hilton, Starwood, Marriott and Intercontinental, to name a few. As a consultant, we respect the proprietary nature of sensitive information, whether it is the latest design for a new project, the details of a branded bed program, or a new restaurant concept, but DPI is also uniquely positioned to offer practical advice based on feedback from many different owners and operators.

DPI strives to maintain a paper free office, recycles waste and adheres to all local and national requirements concerning employee health and safety.

DPI is committed to protect owners and operators from incurring any liability for copyright infringement and stringently adheres to guidelines for copyright enforcement as outlined by European Union law.